December 22nd 2019, Zhongshan, China. The whole 24th and 25th floors of an apartment building caught on fire around 2 am. The situation was extremely severe, local witnesses reported that ‘the flame had already emitted out of the windows.’ ‘the glass was broken, the external unit of the air conditioner was also burning.’ From some pictures that the witnesses posted, showing that even the walls of the top floor have burnt to tar black, and even the window frames were distorted because of the high temperature.
On October 10th 2019, at Sheraton Towers Singapore,SHA (Singapore hospitality association) and Intel held an event——SHA-Intel Hospitality Technology Seminar. With the topic of ‘Driving the Future of Hospitality Towards the Era of Hyper-personalization’ and with 35 hospitality professionals attendees, including general managers, front office managers and directors of IT. This seminar discussed the current trends of hospitality development and how the future of hospitality should look like. Four main presentations were manifested and pondered: Driving the future of hospitality towards the era of hyper personalization...
As we all know, human fingerprints are extremely complex, detailed, basically unique and lasting patterns. All those properties that they process, make the human fingerprints one of the perfect and most reliable methods of human identification. The fingerprint recognition tech achieved both low price and high efficiency for security, without a doubt, such technology earned its wide spread and utilizations. We can see them on our phones, various facilities or institutions, fingerprint door lock for home is now even a trend, for we are always tend to pursue the smarter and easier life style.
RFID is short for Radio-frequency Identification. It’s an identification technology that uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. As we all know, it is not the extremely high end technology, and it’s not even a currently occurred product. But to be honest, it’s one of those precious inventions that remain their force and efficiency even when time flies by. You might not notice, but the RFID technology has been utilized in many aspects and many areas in our daily lives. RFID cabinet lock, RFID tagged golf balls, RFID bee populations tracking, even Walmart, Vatican Library and NASA use RFID technology to finish the identification and tracking processes.
Cabinet is such a common and widely used furniture. They basically exist in every building in the world. We tend to store various objects in the cabinet. They can be ranged from the useless sundries to pirate treasures. Yet, no matter out of what situation or consideration, a door lock to lock them all up is always necessary. But we often come across the situations like: you got a whole bunch of mechanical keys and then have a hard time to find which one is for the cabinet. Hence, for the sake of convenience and the smarter lives, the digital intelligent cabinet lock came to play naturally.
Key card door lockis probably the most used door lock system among the hotel industry. Compared to the mechanical key lock, no doubt that it’s an betteroption. Its excellence helps it becomewidespreadand popular.
25th October 2019, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro visited China for the first time. With more than 110 Brazilian enterprises coming along, to establish a more comprehensive and friend relationship between the two countries. They had conversations and cooperation about many different areas. Beside all the diplomacy, cooperation and international trades, Jair Bolsonaro also participated in the establishment of the China-Brazil football communication center, later, Jair Bolsonaro handed Xi the Flamengo jacket, as a symbol of celebrating and deepening the football development and international communications.
If you are running a hotel or you are a hotel manager or you are in the hotel industry, you will need to find the hotel locks suppliers who can offer a hotel door locks system that is friendly to operate, stable, effective and of course comes with a reasonable price.
In this modern society where technology is rapidly thriving, the traditional mechanical door lock is clearly becoming more and more inadequate, it’s already a trend to substitute the mechanical door locks with the keyless entry door locks. We can know that the traditional mechanical keys are small uneven physical objects and normally metal made, for that matter, we have to memorize every key for every door, and the mechanical keys are easy to lose, additionally, the whole traditional mechanical lock system can be easily damaged.
Smart door lock is the first device people may buy for their smart home plan, because it is easy to be installed, cost is affordable and have many choice can meet the interior design. Most of smart digital door lock factory have few product line to true item diversify. And you may choose from it according to your requirement.
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