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Cabinet is such a common and widely used furniture. They basically exist in every building in the world. We tend to store various objects in the cabinet. They can be ranged from the useless sundries to pirate treasures. Yet, no matter out of what situation or consideration, a door lock to lock them all up is always necessary. But we often come across the situations like: you got a whole bunch of mechanical keys and then have a hard time to find which one is for the cabinet. Hence, for the sake of convenience and the smarter lives, the digital intelligent cabinet lock came to play naturally. And I don’t think I have to mention that the mechanical keys’ disadvantages: unsafe, easy to lose, hard to find, hard to tell from each other, dangerous for children, etc. I believe that the situations are the sufficient reasons for you to replace the mechanical door locks to smart door locks for cabinets. The first thing you would wanna do would be choose the right cabinet lock suppliers.

But how? Before that, I think we should discuss or examine what are the properties that a cabinet should process. We should know what makes a cabinet lock good, then we can help you with this information.

First, not like the houses and rooms, no one is on the other side of the doors. Then the most unwanted situation would be that some vicious pricks somehow managed to open the door and stole, without the owner or manager knowing until someday he/she checks it. So, the first thing we want for our smart cabinet lock would be an alarm.

Second, you may own multiple cabinets or more than enough door locks in your facility, being able to easily find the key for each door would be significantly nicer than ever, so, convenient unlocking method is also one of your biggest concerns.

Third, for the cabinets locks may not be like your front door’s lock, yourself wouldn’t have to open it many times a day or you wouldn’t pay a lot of attention to it normally. The structural simplicity, low maintenance cost, stability and the endurance are should also be taken into account.

Last, the cabinets are located inside the buildings, which means the people who would come across the cabinets are already had permission the access the buildings, the fact that they are cabinets not safes, the really high security level could sometimes be redundant. Hence, an exquisite, high end security set up probably wouldn’t be the investment focus. They should come with both the high quality and a reasonable price. So, now, we got these information, we may make our decision on choosing the cabinet lock supplier better.

Here, let me introduce HUNE, we are a digital door lock manufacturer, door lock supplier, set off our career in Chine, 1993, now one of the top tier door lock suppliers. With more than 26 years of experience, with the heart and ability of innovations. Our products are worldly used and trusted. On google, the most searched intelligent door lock brands around the globe would probably be August, Yale and Schlage etc. They all excel at different aspects, and have their unique features. And all these brands might are the most likely ones to be taken into your consideration.Yet, we are open and happy to be compared with these best lock suppliers in the world. No door lock manufacturer is perfect, all of them always have one or two shortcomings. But among these, we should know how the cabinet lock suppliers’ products can meet your requirements. Best one is the suitable one.

Even though we don’t know the specific and detailed requirements of the customers yet, but at least we can offer you the information about the general needs for cabinet door lock and our solutions. We had developed 4 different types of cabinet door locks, and 2 different solutions in this topic. All of the four products are equipped with sensory units, they would initiate the alarm while being picked or any other forms of damaging. They all come with the only one opening way, key cards, (except 19R01-2 also supports mechanical key), we reckoned that, more opening ways would compromise the structural simplicity and heighten the maintenance cost, and key card opening would be the most convenient and simple way while considering what we ask for the cabinet locks. We use stainless steel and zinc alloy as the materials, which would highly increase the surface stability and endurance, they can function perfectly between the humidity 20% to 80%, between -10 ℃ to 60 ℃. Besides all these, they only need 3 standard AA alkaline batteries to support at least 18 months of working in normal states.

And there are 2 versions of management ways. One is to install the lock software in your PC, and connect the encoder to generate and manage the key cards. Another way is to set up the key cards thought the reader embedded in the locks. Either way, the cabinet door locks all work stand alone, no other extra devices are needed to complete their functions. Hence, the door locks meet all the basic qualities of being good cabinet door locks. Yet, besides all these, there’re more functions in our locks. Please contact us for more details.

We hope the information we offered will be useful or even sufficient to help the customers in their decision making of choosing the suitable cabinet lock supplier.

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