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In this modern society where technology is rapidly thriving, the traditional mechanical door lock is clearly becoming more and more inadequate, it’s already a trend to substitute the mechanical door locks with the keyless entry door locks. We can know that the traditional mechanical keys are small uneven physical objects and normally metal made, for that matter, we have to memorize every key for every door, and the mechanical keys are easy to lose, additionally, the whole traditional mechanical lock system can be easily damaged. Or even worse, young kids or toddlers could accidently consume such small objects. Lastly, a funny reminder is that ‘how to pick a lock’ is one of the top searches on Google. Given the spoken and unspoken situations, keep using traditional mechanical door lock is less and less rational of a choice, for it can less and less satisfy the requirements of security and convenience, and it can literally harm your kid and itself can be easily compromised. So, keyless entry door lock coming into play is somehow inevitable.

Keyless entry door lock or remote keyless system (RKS), denotes to a door lock security system that utilizes an electronic lock to replace the traditional mechanical key and lock system. Normally the users would be equipped with a remote control, within a certain range, the users can unlock the doors without the complex physical contacts that the traditional mechanical keys throw upon you.

The history of the keyless entry door lock system can be traced back to the 80s car industry. This term was first given by the famous Ford. Originally, the users should input the password on the remote keypad to unlock the various doors of the car. Later, many brand offered the similar system. Then the keyless entry door lock system evolved, the huge and inconvenient keypads were substituted by the handheld transmitters, which is worked by Renault Fuego in 1982. This innovation widely spread in the United States seven years later. And naturally, this influence remained its force nowadays.


Hence, unsurprisingly, the keyless entry door lock system eventually has the domestic security adaptions, developed by many creative entrepreneurs all around the world. Included here, the very south of China, HUNE took its first step into this career. From 1993, from the launch of the first set of smart lock, HUNE has been dedicating to the development and perfection of the smart lock industry for 26 years. Through these years of dedication and hardworking, finally, HUNE is now the top tier Smart Home Professional Manufacture in China and an international enterprise, our products are trusted and used by customers around the world. We are granted a considerable amount of authoritative certifications, UL, CE, CNAS etc. at the same time, we also have friendly cooperated relationships with multiple excellent companies worldwide. Besides all that, the non-stop innovation and research are always on the way, HUNE will always attempt and promise to serve customers for the improvement of their lives. We will never slightly loose our grasp on the will of creating a better society.


HUNE have been perfecting the utilization of the keyless entry door lock system for the domestic security and innovation of lifestyles purposes almost 3 decades now. With the on-going innovation and the contributions from the tech-team, we launched 2 new keyless entry fingerprint door lock products currently. They are both the anti-theft design fingerprint lock, specialized for safety measures. These two new products are the incredibly advanced and well-designed. Here’s some of the most important features we want to talk about: Built by aluminium alloy to achieve the high stability and your aesthetic requirement. The keyless entry fingerprint door locks would work perfectly from -10℃to 60℃, and from 20% of humidity to 80%. With the strict control of the PCB, they only need 4 standard AA alkaline batteries to work at least 18 months in normal state, meanwhile equipped with low voltage warning, satisfy the both long endurance and low energy consumption. These new products used anti-theft button design for double security and fingerprint lock. Since you can never lose your fingerprint, for users, a simple touch is sufficient to unlock the door, we think that the fingerprint system of keyless entry door lock system is the epitome and the embodiment of ‘security’ and ‘convenience’. But besides this, we tried to predict multiple scenarios and circumstances, and based on all these different conditions of prediction, we decided to offer 5 different ways to unlock: fingerprint, password, cards, APP and mechanical key. Frankly, more ways to unlock the door actually means more convenience and safety, because these ways are deeply personal. We installed the hidden mechanical keyhole, to minimize the disadvantages of the traditional mechanical lock system. Under the dogma of ‘security’ and ‘convenience’, we did our best to design them, honour customers’ possible various choices for security and convenient, smart lives.

In the trend of technological innovations, HUNE will always try to keep up and will always try to offer something substantial to serve the customers and this society.

You can now check them out if you like, details in https://www.hunelock.com/product--id-8047.html and https://www.hunelock.com/product--id-7042.html.

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