Time: 2019-12-04

On October 10th 2019, at Sheraton Towers Singapore,SHA (Singapore hospitality association) and Intel held an event——SHA-Intel Hospitality Technology Seminar. With the topic of ‘Driving the Future of Hospitality Towards the Era of Hyper-personalization’ and with 35 hospitality professionals attendees, including general managers, front office managers and directors of IT. This seminar discussed the current trends of hospitality development and how the future of hospitality should look like. Four main presentations were manifested and pondered: Driving the future of hospitality towards the era of hyper personalization, Making check-in more personal and less invasive, Embracing smart hospitality with technology, AI video analytics on KYC and self-service technologies.


All those images and predictions of the future hospitality industry, without a doubt, their appearances will depend on the fulfillment of one necessity, which is the more advanced technology support. Everyone has already noticed that the methods of making hotel reservation has been rapidly evolving during the years. More and more people are more willing to make a reservation on their phone through the third party platforms such as Airbnb. Clean and convenience are always the most important factors to boost the user experience, and naturally, being able to offer such methods and how well adapting these methods into the daily managementand the hotel equipment would directly affect the guests’ evaluation towards the hotels. Hence, as for today and the near future, a highly integrated hotel key card system connected with the user terminal would be an essential product in the hospitality management.

Because such system asks users the least and give managers the most. Nevertheless, connecting the user terminal and the hotel management system to form a more integrated, coordinated and comprehensive hotel key card system should be the right direction, which would benefit the hospitality daily function from the basic level to the higher level. For the guests, they could just book the rooms on their phone, by the time they arriving the hotel, they should receive the key card, and that’s all, no more step is needed, hence the most simplified process we had already discovered on the user side. And for the hotel side, they receive the guests’ booking information, then they generate and distribute the key cards. The interaction process simple, efficient and accurate like that would stick around in the hospitality for a considerable amount of time. 

Let me introduce HUNE, we are one of the top tier smart lock manufacture in China, we’ve been dedicating and participating in the development and evolution is this area more than 26 years. Our products are used and trusted by the global users. Spotted the on-going changing in the hospitality industry, we also made the similar prediction. Hence, we developed and specialized in the door lock and hotel management system integration. We have developed many different products and constructed multiple solutions to adapt the rapid fluctuation, and to fulfil the requirement of the future hospitality vision.

The priority topic is of course the hotel key card system solution. We can now offer the promising highly integrated, coordinated and comprehensive hotel key card system. Let’s start off with the basic components of the system. On the user side: a cell phone. On the hotel side: a cloud server, a router, a switch, gateways, a personal computer, a door lock management software/PMS (such as OPERA)and card encoders. The cloud server, router and switch is to transmit the on-line booking information of the guests to the hotel managers’ computer. Install our door lock management software or other PMS, then connect the encoder to the computer via USB port, set the user information, register the information to the door locks and generate the corresponding key cards. At the meantime, the switch is also to connect to the gateways through the TCP/IP, then the gateways connect to each door lock through the 433MHz, 2.4G or LoRa signal to achieve the real time control and monitor each door lock. Therefore, the whole process with this hotel key card system would be: the users book the rooms, fill out the information on their cell phone, then the hotel would receive the booking information on their computer and use that to set up the door locks and issue the key cards, distribute the key cards when the guests arrive. Here’ the basic introduction and working mechanics of HUNE hotel key card system. 

Now move on to the more detailed features, these features would frame this integrated system on a higher level. The most essential part would be the PMS compatibility. As we all known, OPERA is the most widely used property management system nowadays. The door lock management software has granted the Certificate KYU5003-091, it can be integrated to OPERA on your personal computer. Also under this framework, the SQL database server allows more than one computer to access the system and issue key cards at the same time. Additional, this door lock management system can store and control up to 64000 locks.With these functions, any hotel manager would be able to deploy their hotel key card system, from the user booking to the whole hotel status, to achieve the higher level and more comprehensive hospitality management. 

Beside the systems integration on the software aspect, we also did our best to polish the hardware. First, the connection between the key card locks and the internet, TCP and IP to ensure the security and stability of data transmission, and the LoRa signal for the clear information recognition and low energy consumption,also brings the real time control over every working key card lock with multi different functions.Second, the key card locks themselves, they have earned the world class certificates such as UL, BHMA, CE etc. they all passed the some strict tests and quality checks, hence can remain flawless function while between 20%humidity to 80%humidity, between -10℃to 60℃, and only need four standard AAA or AA alkaline batteries to perform at least 12 months. High duration and stability to minimize the daily maintenance, keep the hotel management easier and less concerning. 

We tried hard to develop and polish the hotel key card system, but we also know it’s yet perfect, our tech team will keep on innovating, to server the customers better. Stay tuned for more of our exciting upgrades. Check out our site if you are interested:

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