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Key card door lockis probably the most used door lock system among the hotel industry. Compared to the mechanical key lock, no doubt that it’s an betteroption. Its excellence helps it becomewidespreadand popular.

But, just like our hair line, the technology has been going up, higher and higheras time goes by.  New requirementkeep arising, even the normal key card door lock can not be the best solution anymoreeven it still has the merits in the market. We need something more, which would be much more advanced so that it can make our lives better and easier.

HUNEalso realizedthat. With 26 years of door lock system crafting and successive innovating, evolving and perfecting. HUNE has developed the Bluetooth lock with the hotel management system. With this new solution, we believe we can help you out. Also, big news, we are now attending the INTERSEC 2020, Dubai, to promote and exhibit our Bluetooth lock system. Welcome to visit from 19th to 21st, January 2020.


It will be a better way reading the guide before attending a big show. let us learn more about the Bluetooth lock system.

So, first of all, what exactly is a Bluetooth lock system? It’s one of the access control systems. Being more specifically, it allows the users to unlock the doors through the Bluetooth that is equipped in their cell phones. No other physical object such as key card needed. For the hotel industry, we offered 4 different types of BLE key card door lock solutions for that matter. First one would be the stand alone version. The guests can book rooms,verifying identity, finish the payment process in the hotel APP, then the authorized hotel staff can allocate room onceinformationreceived, then sendthe e-keys to the guestsvia APP, so, later, the guests would be able to use the e-keys to unlock their given rooms.

Second one would be the net-work version with the NB-ioT. As same as the previous one version, the guests can also use their phones tofinish all the reservation processes. The hotel staff can also sendthe e-keys or key cards through the internetto APP. What makes this version different tothe first one is that we offered the NB-ioT models, they are integrated into the door locks. So that the hotel staffcan trackthe real-time unlocking records and manages the door locks remotely.

The third one would be the net-work version with the gateways. Same convenience we offered as all our BLEversion, on the guests’ side. But this one version needs the router and switch on the hotel side. The switch connects with the gateways with TCP/IP, the gateways connect with the door locks via LoRa signal. The hotel managers can achieve the real time and remote control over the door locks as well as real time remote monitoring and unlocking record extracting, also, on line door lock states manifesting. This wireless version will be more stable and convenient.

The last one would be the net-work version with the wires. On the hotel side, this solution also needs router and switch, and POE switches. The switch connects with the POE switches via TCP/IP, the POE switches connects with the door locks via wires. It can achieve the same functions as the last one.

So, now that we understand how theBLE key card door lock systemwork and what’s need for them to work. We can now analyse pros and cons of each systems. On the guests’ side, these solutions offered one of the most simplified and optimized experience for the guests. We can see that only one phone with an APP in it is sufficient to do all the jobs. You can now say good bye to the risks of losing the key cards or mechanical keys. With this new solution, we can predict that the impression from guests for the hotel brandwould be significantly increased. Also this can prevent personal information from  from leakingto others who are around you at the reception.

On the hotel managementside. Different BLE key card door lock versions has its own unique features, hence unique merits. For the stand alone version, hotel staffcan real time authorize or cancel the e-keys, and save the maintenance cost, for there are no network needed, but only e-key is available. Additionally, the door locks work independently, hence the stability and safety.

For the NB network version, remote managements and unlocking records checking, also not much maintenance cost.Price increase cause NB-IoT mold require, but e-key, password are both available.

For the gateway network version, real time and remote control and monitor, on line door lock states manifestation. TCP/IP offered network stability. And lastly same with the wired network version. Gateway and mold cost increase and also require network in hotel, but actually it is the most stable wireless solution.

Either ways, these BLE key card door lock solutions not only brings about the better experience for the guests, but also brings about a more united, comprehensive and coordinated management system for the hotel.


Lastly, we are glad that we are about to bring all these new system to INTERSEC 2020, Dubai. Being the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety and fire protection, it’s one of the biggest events in middle east, ‘Commercial Security, Information Security, Smart Home, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health, Homeland Security & Policing, Perimeter & Physical Security products and innovations come together in one place.’ We match up with the idea of building a more intelligent and safer world, we hope that our products can help you, can make contributions to this wonderful wish!

So, if you are interested and wanna learn more, go visit the INTERSEC 2020, Dubai. We will be waiting for you in the SA E47 booth.

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