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If you are running a hotel or you are a hotel manager or you are in the hotel industry, you will need to find the hotel locks suppliers who can offer a hotel door locks system that is friendly to operate, stable, effective and of course comes with a reasonable price. 

This century is a post-world war II era, peace and development are the most valuable and discussed topics. Thanks for this big picture and years of technology revolutions and philosophical debates, the human race now hit the milestone of creating a world that is better than ever through the human history. Fulfilling the mental or spiritual needs inevitably came across more and more people’s minds.


And now this phenomenon reflects on countless aspects of our lives. But through our empirical knowledge, we can know that travelling or tourism has became a universal hobby around the world. The non-stop growing of tourism, also raise a considerable amount of problems, the most obviously one would be the hotel management. 

Multiple solutions are already offered, nowadays, most hotels are equipped with intelligent digital door locks. But the optimization of the solutions is still worth our attention and dedication. And one of the most important part of the hotel management is the door lock to every door in your hotel. And here’s why the hotel managers would want to seek the good hotel locks suppliers who can offer the better hotel door lock systems.

There are actually a lot of factors a hotel manager should consider when this question comes across. For example, the materials of the door locks, the capacity of the battery and the battery consumption rate, the stability of the door locks, the security level of the door locks, the aesthetics of the door locks, the whole unlocking process, the operation system of the set, the user interface, etc. given all these properties a hotel manager should consider, he/she would be able to choose the right hotel locks suppliers to get what they need.

There are actually tons of hotel locks suppliers or manufacturers in this world. But here I shall introduce HUNE, you may have never heard of us, but we hope we could offer another choice for you and see if we can meet your needs, among all the hotel locks suppliers out there.


HUNE is an intelligent door lock manufacturer. We are established in 1993, Canton China. Canton is a coastal province near Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and other southeast Asian countries. And also thanks for the revolution and opening policy of the 80s’ china, Canton is actually one of the most developed areas in China and the world. Hence, we have been benefiting from the excellent environment, we are able to keep up with the advanced tech around the world. From 1993 to now, we are already accumulated 26 years of experience of smart door lock developing. The 26 years dedication and hardworking, HUNE is now the top tier smart home professional manufacturer and one of the best hotel locks suppliers in China. Our products are used and trusted by many customers around the world. We are granted a considerable amount of authoritative certifications, UL, CE, CNAS etc. at the same time, we also have friendly cooperated relationships with multiple excellent companies worldwide. We always hold the dogma and attitude of serving you better, high quality and contribute to create a better society. Improving customers’ lives and experience would always be our goal. We make these statements based on truth.

Let me introduce our hospitality solution for the hotel managers. We crafted our hotel door lock system to serve you better. HUNE intelligent lock management system requires only a host computer, a card encoder and a software to operate. Authorized system is integrated to the PMS system for data safety and convenience. Room card issuing, room status checking and hotel management can be handled only via one system to save maintenance cost. Host computer is for installing lock management software, card encoder is for reading and encoding (issue) the card. Smart card lock is independent, wireless, battery operated, can store 240 unlock records. And the batteries have high capacity and low consumption, they can function 18 to 24 months perfectly in normal use.

We also support SQL database, multiple computers can issue card at the same time and offer the software interfaces (DLL) to connect the lock management software with other hotel management systems (already gained the interface license of international micros Fidelio/Opera (certificate No. KYU-5003-091)), with database automatic backup function, preventing the system crash by any wrong or inappropriate operation. Our user-interface is friendly and easy to operate, we use well-design icons to indicate the different specific room states, multiple shortcut buttons connect with different independent operations. Lastly, the system is equipped with distinct management responsibility, different hotel staffs have different level of permission to access the systems. Besides this solution, our hotel door lock system also comes in more functions, such as NFC and Bluetooth, more convenient for you to set up the locks, more options for you to unlock your doors. We did our best to try to meet your requirement.

We hope these information would be sufficient to prove that HUNE is an available and good options, and for you to compare with other hotel locks suppliers, so that you can make a decision better, we will be glad if we could help you. Hopefully we would establish a partnership one day. If you are interested, you can also check out our products pages for more details.

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