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Time: 2024-03-20

HUNE has stand alone and WiFi version digital hotel door lock for your hotel projects.

Stand Alone Version
Stand alone digital hotel card lock is suitable to hospitality projects, which want to keep the recent card issuing procedure, such as yacht. Most people to take cruise line want to avoid every annoying issue during this relax period, so they will not take phone with them also. That is why most of the cruise line would give a wrist band to guest during the days they live in. Guest can use the wrist brand to unlock the hotel card lock and also for the consuming. It is a very convenient way for the holiday.

WiFi Version
WiFi version digital hotel door lock is suitable to hospitality projects, which required real time monitor of the lock status, such as intelligent hotels. More and more people prefer a simplified life style now and hate complicated check in procedure in journey. Cause they think doing the personal registration in crowded reception is an invasion of privacy and a waste of time. With HUNE WiFi version hotel door lock system, guest can do all the ID registration in hotel official APP and also finish the payment. Hotel can send the e-key to guest for the days they live in. Once guests arrived at hotel, they just need to use Bluetooth to send the e-key command to the door lock for unlocking is ok. The whole procedure is quite and peaceful, awesome! Furthermore, in this APP operation, guests of hotels can also browse the promotions during the days they live in and that is quite an efficient marking way for the guest

Reliable System
No matter which hotel door lock system you choose, you can always enjoy HUNE reliable door locking system for your PMS. We are authorized system of many PMS system, such as Fidelio and OPERA. We will offer DLL Interface which can be integrated without risk. And the SQL database server allow more than 1 user computer use system to issue cards at the same time

Facility for stand alone version
For stand alone version, we already inserted NFC for all our hotel card lock. You dont need to configure the lock by laying all locks in front of your PC then install in by turns. You can install the lock on the door firstly and check its mechanical function. Then you can configure the locks in the PMS system, then transfer the data to Android phone, which has install HUNE NFC APK. Take the phone with you, then go to the lock you want to configure, then transfer data from phone to lock via NFC is ok. In previous time, you may use PDA, but now you can only use a smart phone to solve. Of course, you still need to buy card encoder and card from HUNE, cause all our system is encrypted for security reason

Facility for WiFi version.
Except for the facilities we mentioned before, HUNE will offer bridges for locks of this WiFi hotel door lock version. Bridge will communicate with the domain server via WiFi signal while the lock and bridge will communicate via Lora or 433 to ensure the stability. You can check the unlock status and also the lock power status from the PC software, and that will help a lot in management

It is the 27th years since HUNE ‘s first step into the hotel door lock system niche. At the beginning we just want to take the high technology to assist the development of China tourism industry as government recommend. Creating more convenience to people bring us happiness no matter what difficulties we had met

HUNE become the well known hotel door lock system brand since 1991 and we got reputation from the markets because we insist to be ourselves: No decrease in quality, efficient service and reliable technology.

China economy has a high rate increase in that past 30 years. The GDP is grown and so does the labor cost. Made in China is not words represent low price anymore. To keep the “competition capability” some brand will try to low the quality requirement to approach the “goal”.  But according to our opinion, with time growing people will only have more critical standard to the products instead of lower. There is a very interesting story happen in Miniso that they will never accept suppliers low the price by just decrease the quality standard, cause that is not a solution but just a temporary relief which results in disaster. Optimizing the production procedure and management is the only way to achieve this goal. You will always see hotel door lock system have much more lower price then ours, but we will suggest you compare it by real sample in front of you. Spend some money as research is always the most secure way in business.
When you are importing goods, especially some electronic goods. The most important thing is you can find someone answer your questions on time or guide you properly when you are going to launch new product series. HUNE believe that practice makes perfect. The efficient service is always from experience or passion or determination to solve a problem.  HUNE has more than 1000 flagships or outlets in China so our service team receive questions every day and they have standard answer for all questions you may ask. And please never doubt the insistence of the IT guys, they pursue for perfect in the mechanical or software part, so your special question of our products will be always the challenge they would like to conquer.  
As a key digital door lock manufacturer, the first priority thing is to keep the stability of the door lock system. HUNE developed our own hotel digital door lock system and keep optimizing it every year no matter in functionality or stability. We are the brand own authorized certification of international PMS system.We understand compare to design or technology, your management and operation safety and convenience is more like a priority issue.
Contact with us if you are going to buy a key card door lock. We welcome all your compare with other brands. And hope we can have the honor to be your partner.

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