Time: 2018-12-20

Smart home brings people a convenient and fast life, more and more people are full of expectations for intelligent life. The keyless entry door lock is a part of an intelligent home. For a lot of people just contact with intelligent lock, they do not know how to buy an intelligent lock. The author will talk about how to choose a good intelligent lock from the following respects.



Door lock serves as the first safety barrier in the home. People use it everyday, safety is the most important factor. Face the different price, different material and function of different intelligent locks, what distinction do they have on security?

China has formulated three safety levels for the mortise, namely level A, B and C. Their anti technically unlock time are 1 minute, 5 minutes and 270 minutes respectively. When buying intelligent lock, C level mortise is the best choice. The best material of mortise is stainless steel 304, because it is durable, strong and reliable, wear-resistant, not easy to rust. The electronic lock drives the clutch to unlock by motor, so the motor and clutch must be durable, and both components must be in the lock body to avoid violent unlock.


Intelligent lock is a large-scale development in recent years. In order to compete for the market, hundreds of enterprises joined to intelligent lock industry. In addition, in order to seize the new entrance of the smart home, internet companies have launched smart lock products. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1000 smart lock enterprises in China. In the face of such mixed situation, when you are choosing intelligent lock, you must deeply understand the manufacturer and choose a powerful and long history brand of enterprise. For example, HUNE, a well-known high-tech enterprise in the industry, has 25 years of experience in manufacturing intelligent locks and integrates product R&D, production, sales and maintenance.


3.Fingerprint reader

Nowadays there are two types of fingerprint reader of intelligent lock. They are optical fingerprint reader and semiconductor fingerprint reader. Optical fingerprint reader is easy to be copied, causing security risks. Semiconductor fingerprint reader security is high, generally not easy to be copied. HUNE intelligent lock uses Swedish FPC nano-ceramic fingerprint reader. The reader uses living biotechnology. It complete fingerprint identification for 0.3 seconds, unlock at a touch.

4.After sales service

With the development of the Internet, consumers can buy intelligent locks online easily. But installation and complaint of after sales also come subsequently. The installation and maintenance of intelligent code door locks need professional personnel to complete. When we buy intelligent lock, we should know whether the manufacturer has perfect after-sales service team.

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