Time: 2019-01-04

On December 12, the final of The Innovation & Enterprise Competition of Xinhui came to an end perfectly in Xinhui people's hall. KEYU Intelligence Co., Ltd won the enterprise award.


The Innovation & Enterprise Competition of Xinhui 2018 district attracted 68 innovation and entrepreneurship projects to register for the competition. After more than 2 months of preliminary and final, HUNE intelligent lock project won the entrepreneurship award of 200,000 yuan.

The Windows are in good condition, and door lock has not been pried, but the peephole on the security door has become a ‘burglary passage’. The thief pried off the peephole, then used mechanical arm tool through the peephole, and pressed down the door lock handle to open the door. In order to cope with this situation, HUNE innovatively launch the new fingerprint lock with anti-theft button function. If the intelligent lock has this function, user needs to press the anti-theft button when pressing down the back handle to open the door. Even if the theft pries off the peephole, he can not use mechanical arm tool to press down the back handle. Because the back handle is in lost motion state when you do not press the anti-theft button.


HUNE intelligent peephole device equips with wide angel night vision camera. It has the infrared induction function of the human body, so that the peephole has automatic alarm awareness, really began to reflect the ‘wisdom’. It can also achieve APP remote control through the public security network. With the innovation and addition of PIR technology, WiFi remote linkage and large-capacity polymer lithium ion battery, HUNE intelligent peephole is gradually stepping out of a road belonging to itself in the home security market.

HUNE will continue to follow the spirit of ‘never forget the original intention, give back to the society’. Keeping pace with The Times and continue to innovate. It will provide higher quality products to create a different experience for consumers.

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