Time: 2019-01-12

Smart door lock is a new era of smart home entry-level products. More and more families are replacing their mechanical locks with smart fingerprint locks. If you can pay attention to the maintenance of fingerprint lock in daily use, it will extend the service life of the lock. How to maintain fingerprint lock? HUNE give some suggestions about fingerprint lock maintain.


1. Do not disassemble fingerprint lock without permission

Smart door locks are more complex than traditional mechanical locks. The electronic components of the fingerprint lock, such as the PCB, are very precise. Responsible smart lock manufacturers will have professional personnel for installation and maintenance. If the fingerprint lock has problem, please do not disassemble by yourself and contact the customer service of the manufacturer in time.

2. Do not slam to close the door

Many people like slamming to close the door, because ‘bang’ sounds particularly cool. Although the mortise of fingerprint lock has wind-proof and shock-proof design, the PCB inside cannot withstand such a violent vibration, which may lead to some contact problems over a long time. Slam the door may not only damage the smart lock, but also lead to lock failure, causing more serious security problems. The correct way to close the door is to hold the handle and close the door gently, then push or pull the door gently to make sure the lock is completely locked.


3. Keep identification module clean

Fingerprint reader and touch keypad are touched frequently. The oil secreted by sweat glands on the hands will accelerate the aging of fingerprint reader and touch keypad, resulting in recognition failure or insensitive input and other phenomena.
Therefore, we can use a clean and dry soft cloth to wipe the fingerprint reader and touch keypad gently to keep them clean.

4. Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals

If the lock surface is in contact with corrosive chemicals, it is likely to damage the lock surface protective layer and cause oxidation of the surface coating. According to the broken window theory, this kind of intelligent lock with corroded appearance will also be targeted by thief. Because it does not look like someone at home from the corroded fingerprint lock.
 5. Check the smart lock regularly
It is recommended to check your smart locks every six months or once a year. For example, whether the screw is loose, whether the gap between mortise and strike plate is fit. The most important is to check whether the battery has power and whether the battery leaks fluid.

The maintenance of intelligent door lock depends on you can pay attention to the maintenance of fingerprint lock in daily use.

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