Time: 2019-01-23

Every industry, every brand with history, should have its story. HUNE set up the "Card Lock" project in 1991, and the first set of smart lock was launched in China in 1993. At that time, there was no industry standard of the ministry of public security, and no information about smart lock manufacturers could be found in the ministry of public security.


The beginning of smart lock in China

With the spring breeze of China's reform and opening up, Guangdong's neighboring regions of Hong Kong and Macao got more international advanced scientific and technological information first. In the early 1980s, the first expressway was built in Guangdong. Expressway requires support of identification technology. At that time, the R&D of magnetic card identification technology was entrusted to Guangdong Electronic Technology Research Institute, and the magnetic card identification technology was extended to civilian use after completion due to social development.

In 1990s, Chinese people were still unfamiliar with the word "intelligence". In order to further develop the market and allow more people to enjoy the convenience brought by smart lock, HUNE, as an early domestic intelligent high-tech R&D enterprise, invested capital and set up the "Card Lock" project in 1991.

Due to the limited scientific and technological conditions in China in the 1990s, a series of problems such as the capacity and volume problems of single-chip microcomputer, anti-interference, memory chip, anti-interference and stability of clock chip and so on often occur. But HUNE people with strong spirit overcome all difficulties. Finally, in 1993, the whole set of smart lock independently R&D by HUNE began to appear on the market. HUNE also participated in the drafting of China's "magnetic card identification standard". HUNE smart lock became the first brand to launch smart lock in the market in China, and became the first domestic hotel door lock products recommended by the ministry of public security.


Focus on the smart lock more than 20 years, all the user needs as the core

The successful launch of complete sets of smart lock made HUNE become a hot enterprise at that time. HUNE people are not proud and complacent. Instead, they take this as their motivation and strive step by step. "Success is not thought, but done.” HUNE CEO Leizhineng said with emotion to the author. HUNE will comprehensively transform and upgrade the smart lock products, sales and the whole after-sales mode, so as to eliminate the pain points of consumers and meet the needs of consumers, and at the same time solve the problems that smart lock users worry about.
 In order to make the enterprise develop healthily, HUNE always compares and studies with the domestic and foreign advanced enterprises in the development process. In the face of homogenization, low price competition is becoming more and more serious, HUNE smart lock always adhere to the "quality first, honesty as the basis" for the development of the concept, to solve problems for consumers, to meet the needs of consumers.

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