Time: 2019-02-01

Smart lock, as a part of the smart home product, its market increase fast in recent years. There is no doubt that the smart lock will replace the traditional mechanical lock due to its convenience and security. In 2018 the global Smart lock market share is around 1.4 billion USD when it is only 423 million USD in 2017. The GAGR is expected of 60.1% until 2024 which will reach 24.2 billion USD in 2024.

China's smart lock export trend upward development, it has about 23% growths. The top 20 exporting countries and regions are:
USA/Indonesia/Vietnam/Mexico/UK/Nigeria/Pakistan/Hong Kong/Malaysia/Netherlands/Philippines/Spain/India/Australia/Russia/Germany/Thailand/Canada/uae/Japan. As one of the global fashion centers and the gathering place of global elites, the United States is naturally an important smart lock market. In recent years, the rapid development of tourism in Southeast Asia has also driven the export of smart locks, so the Southeast Asian market can not be ignored.

HUNE as one of the most powerful smart lock manufacturers in China has been engaged in the import and export business of high-end smart locks since its establishment. HUNE has established cooperative relationship with 243 sales organizations in the world to provide high quality smart lock products to 57 countries and regions. HUNE in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States market, is for many years in a row in the export of smart lock category first.


Intellectualization has swept the world, HUNE intelligent products have been applied to the actual. Smart also has very big development trend in the world. The strength of HUNE enterprise is also recognized in the world. Foreign door lock advocates tide, door lock is simple, but quality standard is opposite strict. In order to ensure that HUNE smart lock conforms to the international standard, HUNE smart lock has passed the 36 procedures of fire prevention, salt spray, moisture proof, high and low temperature test and obtained the American UL and European CE certification. HUNE creates stable smart lock products, widely applicable to the international market.

HUNE has a perfect sales and after-sales system. Sales network and after-sales team provide customers with quality and convenient service. Now HUNE has many subordinate companies and branches, in the country's major cities to set up offices and technical service centers. In foreign countries (South Korea, the United States, Singapore, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia, Argentina, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Arabia), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions, HUNE set up a number of service outlets.

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