Time: 2019-02-04

1# Social smarts
Are you a social over-sharer? Even the most security-conscious can leave a door open to burglars by making their absence obvious on social media through posts, photos and check-ins. Update the privacy settings on your social media accounts to ensure your holiday details are visible only to friends. If you need to tell someone your home address, do it privately.

2# Clear your outdoor
No one can bear poster and free of charge news paper on door handle for few days. And it is a signal of home vacancy. Ask some favor from your neighbour or families will help you enjoy a better holiday.

3# Vary your lighting
Use timers on your holiday lights, household lamps, and televisions to make it appear you’re home. Add motion sensors on outdoor lights for an extra level of security.

4# Double check your locks
Door and window locks are the first priority thing of defense against burglary. Make sure they are in good working condition and locked well when you are way and even at home, so thief can access easily. Try not to hide a key under the carpet or into mail box if you are worried about being locked out. Smart Lock can be your best consideration because you can use fingerprint,password, APP or card to unlock the smart door lock for convenience and safety. Moreover, most of the smart lock have function to view unlock record via APP, and that is more secured.


5# Monitor your house with a home security system
Door bell is also another way for thief to test if someone at home. A home security system together will smart lock system will help you a lot. HUNE intelligent peephole device equips with wide angel night vision camera. It has the infrared induction function of the human body, so that the peephole has automatic alarm awareness, really began to reflect the ‘wisdom’. It can also achieve APP remote control through the public security network. With the innovation and addition of PIR technology, WiFi remote linkage and large-capacity polymer lithium ion battery, HUNE intelligent peephole is gradually stepping out of a road belonging to itself in the home security market.

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