Time: 2019-02-06

This is the second day of China Lunar New Year. According to tradition, It should be a date the married women visit their parents in ancient China. Nowadays, it is also a import day for Chinese families.


The word family means a lot to Chinese, so we will buy special presents to our parents in this special period. But what is the best gift to families? I think it should be safety. Then what is the first priority thing to home safety? I think it would be access control system and especially the door lock. Nowadays, door lock has extend its function to be a secure plus communication device. That is why smart lock arise.


The entire idea of a smart lock (and every smart-home device, really) is to add convenience to your life. For smart locks, that includes features like remote access, voice control and scenes. You can control your smart lock remotely when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network or control it via blue tooth for shorter distance for more security. No need to carry key and even no need to remember long pass word, because 3D fingerprint read is secured enough to avoid clone while the 25 digits scramble password system can avoid peeking. Convenience will not mean sacrifice of security to smart lock but an improved protection. Forgot to lock the door when you left for that business trip this morning? A connected lock will alert you when your door is left open or unlocked.

Friendly to Visitors

Once you've connected it to your Wi-Fi, you'll be able to lock or unlock your door from anywhere you have an internet connection. Once visitor come but you are not available to unlock then the smart lock can help you out. If house keeper or who help walk dog need to enter temporary you can also generate a temporary password to let them in. No embarrassing and also no risk. Then what a wonderful solution trued by smart lock.



No need to worry lost key or someone copy your key. You can update your APP information, change your password or change the verified fingerprint termly to avoid risk. Moreover the unlock information can be real time check or track via blue tooth for security also. That function is already be trued by HUNE model 918-X6-F, 918-I8-F and 929-6-F.


Isn’t this the best gift to families in special day? What means more than your care to them. If the meaning of a gift is to show love, smart door lock can be one of the best choice.

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