Time: 2019-02-12

With the continuous maturity and wide application of IoT, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and the influx of capital, intelligent home has developed rapidly and become an emerging industry. As one of the representative products in the intelligent home industry, the smart lock has great development potential. In 2017, the output value of smart lock exceeded 1.4 billion dollars, and the market size was close to 8 million smart locks. It is estimated that the market size of smart lock will reach 40 million in 2020.
 1. As penetration increases, smart lock industry will have explosive growth
 In 2018, with the continuous maturity of the smart lock market, the increasing acceptance of smart products by consumers, and the increasing promotion of the industry, the penetration rate of the smart lock industry will be greatly improved. The increase is expected to exceed 100%, and with the increase in penetration, the smart lock industry will usher in a new period of outbreak.

2. Consumer brands will emerge
 After nearly 20 years of market cultivation, the smart lock industry has laid a sound foundation for consumer brands in 2018. A large number of consumer-end promotion rather than industry-end promotion single product sales begin to surpass parts sales, and brand promotion is intensified increasingly. Smart lock manufacturers are gradually developing new products to meet consumer demand.
 Therefore, with the further increase of marketing efforts, more and more enterprises will pay more attention to brand development and consumer demand. Consumer brands will rise from 2018, and the smart lock industry will become the world of consumer brands in the future.


3. Smart lock Internet and AI process will speed up
 With the rapid development of the Internet industry, the trend of the Internet smart lock industry will also be irreversible. Especially the remote management of smart lock products based on the mobile Internet, collaboration with other products and other functions will be strengthened.
 Meanwhile, with the further optimization of AI technology, the effective control of popularity and cost, the AI of smart home industry and the AI trend of smart lock products will also be reflected in 2019.
Smart lock industry is expected to really appear pure Internet and AI smart lock products in 2019, and such products in the future will become one of the mainstream intelligent lock products.


4. Safety, convenience and practicality will become the mainstream of products.
Smart lock products are mechanical lock upgrade products. Therefore, the security aspect of smart lock will be further enhanced, and the definition of security will be transformed from passive protection to active defense. Convenience will also become one of the mainstream features of smart locks and the anti-human design will be spurned by consumers. Applicability, especially for the hardware and software side of the optimization applicability will be greatly welcomed by consumers.

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