Time: 2019-02-13

Still thinking hard for the present for valentine’s day? Chocolate, flower, jewellery, purse, perfume, journey...


Uh... that is fine. But I think your special half will be never satisfied with “fine”. They want miracle valentine’s day present can true all dream at one time. Love is a promise. A truly unique gift reflects an element of the recipient's personality. Also you don’t want to just choose by random.

We love, comfort , honor and keep each other, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others keep ourselves only unto each other so long as we both shall live.

Then how to select a right valentine’s day present can present this faith? Maybe we should transcend our previous convention. What a bout a lock? Before, you both use the right key to get into the heart of each other. Now you both should turn the same key to lock the cherish love of yours.

What lock you should choose? Actually I don’t recommend the lock on the bridge. As love is secret sweet of your both and you don’t need expose it to get others’ witness. Many famous bridges will remove the locks on the bridge regularly. Then you will not want it to disappear without any notice to you right? And to be honest, love should not be loan to others, even to the bridge.


No special lock anymore? Maybe you can consider a digital door lock for your home. Home is the secret garden to both of you and it deserve your better attention as for your love.


The first reason I recommend digital door lock is its convenience. Life is suffer sometime, and what we can do to our half is to make life easier for them. No key as loan, no worry about the miss. No need to bring key go outside. When go home, just press finger to unlock. When the fingerprint lock is opened illegally, it will alarm automatically and send an alarm message to owner at the same time.


The second I recommend digital door lock and especially HUNE digital lock is for security and durability. HUNE digital lock is made of titanium alloy, stainless steel or other durable material. They are light, low density, high strength, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance metals. Anti-peeping function and scramble code function can provide better password security and anti prying eyes. No peek on your love and just you both have the secret passwords for this love secret base. The durability express the eternity of love. It help Cupid's arrow hit home with a fantastic range of romantic. 

And the third reason I recommend a digital lock for valentine’s day present is that. It is already 13th Feb and only lock smith can help you immediately for a special gift and also it is a easy DIY that you can complete in 1 hour. HUNE digital door lock has lock with single mortise or standard European mortise and you will surely choose the suitable one for this special day. 

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