Time: 2019-03-01

In recent years, the smart home and AI industries have developed rapidly. Smart lock is smart home entry level product, people's demand for smart locks soared. Smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock. It is a combination of security, convenience, advanced technology lock. So where can smart door lock system and smart locks be applied?


1. Commercial office

⑴Through the APP lock system, the manager can automatically check the attendance of employees and record query;
⑵If the company is stolen, the manager can use the smart lock system to automatically query the information of the last leaving office employee from the APP lock.


2. Family residence

⑴The owner can use fingerprint door lock for home to manage permissions on the fingerprint. Avoid changing the new lock every time when you change your babysitter.
⑵When the fingerprint lock is opened illegally, it will alarm automatically and send an alarm message to owner at the same time.


3. Residential apartment

⑴Owner can remote to add or delete users of the wifi lock and remote control unlock or lock the door.
⑵Only through the authorized fingerprint or card can open the fingerprint lock into the unit. It can ensure the safety of the owners and standardize the management of the community.

4. Hotel

⑴Through the smart card lock management system, you can provide guests with a variety of check-in and unlock mode.
⑵In addition to using the room card to unlock the card lock, guests can also use the room card to consume in the hotel.

 5. Rental

⑴Tenants can view the house before renting without manual guidance. The landlord can remote control the digital lock to unlock or lock.
⑵If the tenant forgets to bring or lost the key card, the landlord can use the system to send a temporary password to tenant for 1 time unlocking. It will save the trouble of sending the door key manually.
⑶The system supervises the collection of rent, water and electricity. If overdue payment, the system will control digital lock automatically locked. After receiving the fee, the digital lock will return to normal use.
⑷The system can view the occupied and unoccupied houses online, show the number of the houses. It will remind the landlord to arrange house rental in time.

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