Time: 2019-03-06

Flamenco football club locates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Flamenco football club is very famous in Brazil. It has the largest number of fans in the country, with about 13 million supporters. Flamenco club is ninth in the FIFA Clubs of the 20th Century rankings. It is the largest football training centre in all of South America.


The future football stars of South American sweat here every day. In the past, when they came back to the dormitory after training, they need to take out their keys to open the door. Sometimes the keys are lost, which causes a lot of trouble for the management of the team. Now the doors of the club are equipped with HUNE fingerprint lock, which is a good solution to the problem and also convenient for the players and staff. After pressing the finger, the lock will be opened. Players no longer have to carry their keys.

Smart lock is a new era of smart home entry-level products. Flamenco football club chose HUNE 918-88-F fingerprint lock. This lock can unlock with 3 ways: fingerprint, password and mechanical key. The 918-88-F fingerprint lock fits 99% of the doors on the market. Wooden doors, stainless steel doors, copper doors can be installed. 918-88-F fingerprint lock use semiconductor fingerprint reader. Semiconductor fingerprint reader security is high, generally not easy to be copied. HUNE intelligent lock uses Swedish FPC nano-ceramic fingerprint reader. The reader uses living biotechnology. It complete fingerprint identification for 0.3 seconds, unlock at a touch. The door lock adopts electronic and mechanics separation design. If the lock has problem, you do not need to disassemble the whole lock. You can disassemble the electronic part and send it back to the manufacturer for repairing.


HUNE is global leading brand in smart lock since 1993. It has long history like Flamenco football club. As one of the top3 smart lock manufacturers in China, HUNE has powerful technology team, mature production line and management system. HUNE smart lock will continue to innovate, continue to improve the brand reputation, and continue to develop better new products, continue to improve the quality of service, continue to adhere to high standards of product quality. We will use high quality service to return the consumers support and love. HUNE will have more high-quality digital locks, fingerprint door lock for home, card locks, APP locks launch, please look forward to them.

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