Time: 2019-03-29

Make in China means bad quality? In the past, made in China for many European and American countries, are poor quality synonymous. In the 1960s, Japanese products were cheap but poor quality. However, after decades of efforts, in the 1980s, Japanese energy-saving cars in the United States is very popular, Japanese electrical appliances are also known around the world. Chinese manufacturing sector has followed a similar path. In the early stage of opening up, Chinese manufacturers won by volume and by price. However, with the development of China's economy, quantity and price can no longer be invincible in the international market competition, Chinese manufacturers began to improve quality. Nowadays, whether clothes, electronics or mobile phones, made in China is no longer a byword for shoddy. And it is especially the truth in electronic product market. We should surely know HUAWEI, GREE, DJI and Mi.


Then how can be smart lock, this trended product can be illuminated? The core value of digital door lock can be divided into 3 parts: mortise, panel and reader module.

60% of the mortise in the world is made in China. China has advanced lock system manufacturing technology. Most of the mortise made in China are made of stainless steel. Compared with some big brands in South Korea, the mortise is made of plastic. Stainless steel has the advantages of high strength, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. And the size and structure of the mortise made in China are diverse, which can meet the needs of different countries and different panel. HUNE digital lock use mortise meet world standard. UL standard can meet 2 grade, BHMA reach B grade that can open over 400000 times.

The material and workmanship of the panel determine the appearance level of the smart lock. Because the most intuitive factor for consumers to choose a product is to see whether the appearance is attractive. At present, the smart lock panel is mainly made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. HUNE 918-X6-F panel is made of titanium alloy, and the appearance design is smart, delicate, simple and fashionable. Durable material and fashionable design will make you fall in love with this smart lock.


We should know the fingerprint collection system uses optical or biological fingerprint identification system. Compared with other collection systems, biological fingerprint has strong anti-static ability, good system stability and long service life, which can provide high-resolution images and realize larger areas of fingerprint image.

Nowadays there are two types of fingerprint reader of intelligent lock. They are optical fingerprint reader and semiconductor fingerprint reader. Optical fingerprint reader is easy to be copied, causing security risks. Semiconductor fingerprint reader security is high, generally not easy to be copied. HUNE intelligent lock uses Swedish FPC nano-ceramic fingerprint reader. The reader uses living biotechnology. It complete fingerprint identification for 0.3 seconds, unlock at a touch.

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