Time: 2019-04-04

smart lock is an electronic lock designed to automatically lock or unlock a door or any lockable item under specified instructions from a wireless device like a smart phone. It also monitors access as well as alerting the owner of any attempt to unlock by unauthorized parties.


The South East Asia market is no exception to the tempting attraction of using smart locks. Some of the reasons as to why this market is booming in usage of smart lock include:

1.Smart locks effectively cater for commercial and residential market sectors. For commercial sectors, office security is of key concern where smart locks are used in locking doors as well as office safes. Hotel management systems also apply use of smart locks in locking rooms to improve security, improve customer satisfaction and also improve the standards of the hotels to international levels like presidential suits. The residential sector, mostly in the South East Asia, is focused on automating the living experience with the concept of building modern smart cities. This is enhanced by the numerous structural and architectural advancements that create a vast field to use smart locks.


2.Smart door lock system are convenient since they can be easily integrated with a wide range of automation devices. This makes it easier to use smartphones at the convenience of the home owner or the office resident. Connectivity may also be via Bluetooth, WIFI or even a mobile app. This highly favors South East Asia residents as a large population has access to a smartphone.

3.In the South East Asia market, residents are finding it cheap to install smart locks owing to the advancement in their disposable income. The income enables them to access highly automated security tools like motion sensors, remote door lockers and window opening sensors.

4.The SouthEast Asia market harbors some of the most innovative technology firms .China has potentially developed into a technology powerhouse hosting the China hotel key card lock, China digital lock, China fingerprint door lock for home and China smart lock manufacturers.The companies innovate padlocks, safe locks, cabinet locks and lever handlers which are technologically advanced and automated for operation either by use of smartphones or other connective devices including touch screen properties.

5.The South East Asia market is digitizing quite fast owing to the outburst of a youthful generation which is increasingly influenced by technology. Hence, it is easy to adopt use of smart locks as the young generation is into technological development. The young generation is also very innovative hence there is still continuity in smart lock advancements to extreme points of sound and facial recognition properties.

6.Smart locks are easy to use since either a password, fingerprint, owner’s voice, pin code, a smart phone or any other connected device is required. This makes smart lock usage to be applicable in numerous fields in the Southeast Asia countries which have diverse and abundant application fields.

Generally, the South East Asia market has really advanced and appreciated the use of smart lock owing to the fact that the region is growing in terms of population, economic development, modernization and also technologically.

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