Time: 2019-04-11

As the constant digital advancements continue to increase convenience in almost every aspect of our daily lives, one can hardly deny its usefulness. Undoubtedly, a number of technological advancements have disrupted major industries and will continue to do so in the future. However, the changes that technology has made in improving people’s lives and hastening development have been aided by the Internet phenomenon.

Hence, the digital era, widely ushered in and advanced by the help of the internet, has brought about smartphones, smartwatches and so forth. Of course, the housing sector was not left behind, as the introduction of the smart home was introduced not too many years ago.


Looking back, numerous smart home innovations such as the fridge cam, lightwave smart sockets and smart mop just to mention a few have been largely accepted. Just when we thought the tech- world was done, the digital lock was introduced. More specifically, the famous China fingerprint lock or China smart lock was introduced into the market.

The introduction of such an asset into the market was a smart move by China considering that the global Smart lock market share in 2018 was 1.4 billion USD. No doubt they are bound to replace traditional mechanical locks. China’s fingerprint lock export trend is at an all-time high, HUNE, the top smart lock manufacturer exporting to over twenty countries.

Notably, one of the top countries that HUNE exports its China digital locks to is Southeast Asia. Below are a few reasons why the smart lock is a trend in the South East Asia market.


The Rapid Development of The Tourist Sector

This is the major reason China smart locks are a trend in Southeast Asia. In 2016 alone, Southeast Asia experienced 104.6 million tourist arrivals. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Southeast Asia experienced a 10% increase in tourist arrivals.

The rapid growth of the tourism sector in Southeast Asia has brought about new opportunities as well as new challenges. A few of the challenges include an increase in terrorist attacks, insecurity and health crisis. In an effort to curb the rising insecurity, the Southeast Asia sector turned the use of smart locks to automate their hotels.

The China hotel lock has helped increase security and considerably lower theft instances among the top hotels in Southeast Asia.

Additionally, the use of China smart locks has been to save maintenance costs in the tourism sector. These smart locks use the HUNE intelligent lock management system that can handle a number of operations such as room card issuing and management all at once. Notably, all the above functions can be achieved through the use of one system, which not only helps save on costs but improve hotel management.
Simple and High- quality

China smart lock can be used a number of ways. From fingerprint verification to card identification, there are a number of things that make China digital locks effective and convenient. They are easy to use, yet; maintain high levels of quality to ensure security regardless of which sector it’s used in

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