Time: 2019-04-18

Smart Home seems to be a irreversible trend in the world. Convenience and Secured is only threshold in this industry. Diversify products and high coverage is required in the next stage.

No one wants to download various of APP to control the appliances at home. One-stop is always the best solution for user. Then the question is who can have the power to link all the stuffs together to true this idea? HUAWEI put forward the idea in March 2019 about IoT smart home is a great milestone of future life.

During AWE 2019 (Appliance & Electronics World Expo), Shao Yang, chief strategy officer of Huawei’s consumer business, and Zhi Hao, president of Huawei’s consumer business IoT product line, spoke about Huawei’s IoT strategy. Shao Yang said that Huawei has set a three-year plan for IoT development. According to him, one-third of China’s IoT devices support Huawei’s HiLink standard. This makes the HiLink ecosystem one of the best IoT systems.


Strong Technology support , stable system and reliable product quality are required to collaborate with HUAWEI IoT system. HUAWEI is very prudent in choosing the partners in every product line. Price is never the first priority in their mind because only one slight mistake will spoil all effort in the whole system. And the quality and stable system of HUNE Lock is the reason HUAWEI choose HUNE to be their partner in smart lock niche.

Smart lock is the first smart home products people will consider because of its acceptable price and the necessarily in security. People do not want to have key load in life just like bringing ball and chain. And they need a solution to solve this problem then add more appliances in their smart home system. So HUAWEI must begin the game with a reliable partner. And HUNE is no doubt their first choice.

As one of the top3 smart lock manufacturers in China, HUNE has the 26-year manufacturing experience. Our R&D team participated in the innovation of China first smart door lock. And we keep launching latest technical products to meet the market, such as fingerprint in , WiFi lock in and IoT in .  HUNE has over 300 SKU to meet the market requirement, from main gate to interior door and even cabinet for storage you can find suitable product here and no worry about system integrate problem .

HUNE has industrial estate with 36,000 square meters, we have completed production system including purchasing, PMC, production and QC department, which is under ISO 9001-2015 management standard. Products we offered will meed quality requirement for the specific market, such as CE and EN for Europe market, and UL or BHMA for US market.

Our responsible and fast react after sales team can help client to solve problem quickly. HUNE access control system manufacturers adhere to independent innovation, the smart locks have a variety of patents and industry awards, also through the ISO and FCC certification. We create the standard, and we never stop transcending ourselves. 

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