Time: 2019-04-30

In China Unicom 5G Innovation & Development Conference Shanghai, HUNE won the first place in home appliance category by absolute predominance and became the partner of China Unicom, who build a new ecosystem together

The theme of this conference is "cooperation without limits, building a new ecosystem together", aiming to build differentiated advantages of terminal operation of China Unicom's industrial chain partners.


The conference competition is under the rule of the mass election then classified voting, then HUNE smart lock won the first place by an absolute advantage in the home appliance category. Companies participating in the home terminal category include MI, HUAWEI, Baidu, 360, Dahua, Hisense, etc.

HUNE smart lock integrates cloud computing, IoT, AI, industrial Internet, and other emerging technologies, works with wifi wireless network, combines the technology accumulation and research and development strength in the field of smart lock, applies to various home scenes, achieves smart interconnection of smart lock, creates linkage space, and enables more families to experience the convenient life of smart home.

At the same time, this conference proposed "5G Smart Winter Olympics", which means we will use 5G to help our country prepare for the smart winter Olympics. The conference also discusses the capabilities and applications of 5G in sports, finance, energy, food, transportation and other important fields. In such a big development, big change and big adjustment of the new era, facing the broad development opportunities of 5G, HUNE will work together with China Union, to create new business opportunities, and share the new dividend of China 5G development.

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