Time: 2019-08-02

With the improvement of people's income level, going out for holidays and traveling has gradually become a fashion. This not only drives the development of the tourism industry, but also increases the demand for vacation homes and homestays.

For the owners of vacation homes and homestays, the normal mechanical door locks are difficult to meet their needs. Because the normal mechanical door locks are not convenient to manage, and the mechanical key is easy to lose, causing security risks. With the rapid development of science and technology, a smart digital door lock can meet the needs of different users. If you want to buy a smart digital door lock, you must choose a reliable smart digital door lock factory.

HUNE is a well-known smart digital door lock factory that has been deeply engaged in the smart digital door lock field for 26 years. It is definitely the best choice for you to step into the smart life. HUNE keypad lock is suitable for the owners of vacation homes and homestays.

Unlock Ways
HUNE smart digital door lock has 4 unlock ways (Password, Card, Bluetooth and Mechanical Key). Different unlock ways are suitable for different usage scenarios. Office locks usually unlock by card. Hotel locks usually unlock by Bluetooth. Vacation homes and homestays usually unlock by password. And the smart digital door lock setting operation is simple. There are voice prompts for each step operation, the elderly and children can easily set the door lock.

Offline Password Function
Offline password means that the owner of the door lock can use the app to generate an offline password, then owner can send the password to tenant. Tenant can use the password to unlock the door. The owner can limit the unlock times, unlock period or unlock date of the offline password, so owner can remote to manage the rooms. For example, the tenant book the room for 2 days, owner just need to use app to generate the password for 2 days, then send to the tenants. Tenants can complete the check-in by themselves. After the tenants check out, cleaner need to enter the room, owner just need to use app to generate the 1 time password and send to the cleaner. It is not only convenient, but also saves labor costs.

Low Battery Alarm
Most electronic door locks on the market are powered by batteries. Some manufacturers’ PCB with high static power consumption, resulting in fast battery consumption. Frequent battery replacement brings many inconveniences to users. HUNE engineers strictly control the power consumption of PCB, so HUNE smart digital door lock battery can be used for 18 to 24 months in normal use. When the user connects the door lock with the Bluetooth app, the battery level of the door lock will be displayed. If the door lock is low battery, you will hear low battery alarm when you unlock. When run out of batteries, you can connect mobile power for emergency power supply. After unlocking, you can change the new battery.

HUNE always compares and studies with the domestic and foreign advanced enterprises in the development process. In the face of homogenization, low price competition is becoming more and more serious, HUNE smart lock always adhere to the "quality first, honesty as the basis" for the development of the concept, to solve problems for consumers, to meet the needs of consumers.

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