Time: 2019-08-02

With the spring breeze of China's reform and opening up, Guangdong's neighboring regions of Hong Kong and Macao got more international advanced scientific and technological information first. At that time, the R&D of magnetic card identification technology was entrusted to Guangdong Electronic Technology Research Institute, and the magnetic card identification technology was extended to civilian use after completion due to social development.

In order to further develop the market and let more people enjoy the convenience brought by digital door locks for life, HUNE as one of the earliest digital door lock high-tech research and development enterprises in China, we set up the "Card Lock" project in 1991, and the first set of card lock was launched in China in 1993. Over the past 26 years, we have witnessed the development of digital door lock in China.

As the digital door lock factory, we have our own industrial estate with 36,000 square meters, and consummate producing equipment, manufacturing various of the digital door locks independently. HUNE digital door lock factory persist in offering premium products. Applying ERP management system, introducing advanced foreign manufacturing techniques and facilities, and we also have the latest international advanced research, testing facilities as well as development specialists within the industry. We are perpetually developing our own products and improving technology innovation capacity within the digital door lock market.

From first generation IC lock to IoT lock nowadays, HUNE keeps the tip-top technology in products for user convenience and safety. We never stop our pace in developing new products. Our history is like a history book of digital door lock of China. We will carry out a comprehensive transformation and upgrading of digital door lock products, sales and the entire after-sales mode, so as to eliminate the pain points of consumers and meet the needs of consumption, and solve the worries of digital door lock users. HUNE has over 1000 flagships or outlets in China and more than 30 country grade agents all over the world to offer proper sale and after sales services to our customers.


HUNE has own industrial estate and machines for production. Daily production capacity for digital door lock is 2200pcs as efficient production line. Ensure the lead time and quality is the best security you need.
Our QC team have critic standard to test products, because we understand only stable quality can help you focus on exploring market. HUNE also sent products to lab for critical test to ensure the quality and safety. Most of our products got BHMA/ANSI, UL, EN14846 certificates depends on the original structure design.


HUNE always puts product quality and service in the first place. As the leader of the industry, we clearly know what is the main advantages of the enterprise. Therefore, in recent years, we have made great efforts to develop the service layout in various regions of the world, so that consumers can immediately enjoy fast and close-fitting service in local areas. Only enterprises can win the favor and reputation of consumers in the fierce competition.
Contact with us if you are going to buy a digital door lock. Our digital door lock factory is the best choice.

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