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The firstelectronic card lockshould be launched in 1975 and that is a magnetic lock. And then the electronic card lock system is applied for civil use such as more and more hotel will use this keyless system to upgrade their image and also bring convenience to guests.

The history of electronic card lock can be divided into few stages: Magnetic card lock, IC card lock, RF card lock and Iot card lock. And the electronic card lock system for them also have a evolution history.

Magnetic Card Lock

Actually the magnetic card system was firstly used in electric power supply and water supply system as data collection and then be applied in civil use. Because of its lower cost and basic fulling, in some of the small scale old school classic hotel, they still reserve the magnetic card lock system. As the first generation electronic card lock system, it has the basic function of book reservation, emergency unlock and guest unlock and also some manufactures launched the elevator controller for hotels. But the disadvantage of magnetic card is very easy to get damage , card can not be formatted and also have lower security level. It not good for some big scale hotel management.


IC Card Lock

IC card lock system should be the 2nd generation of electronic card lock system. Even its information still can not be formatted and reuse, but its advantage is have higher security level. Some classic branded hotel or hotels established around 1995-2010.


RF Card Lock

RF Card lock system is the most popular electronic card lock system until now. Even some manufactures add new unlock way such as BLE to it, they still reserve the RF card as media to their guests and staff. RF card lock system can be divided into Temic and Mifare system. Both of them has the advantage of touchless ( The previous magnetic and IC card solutions should insert card to the lock to send command then unlock). This contact way is well protect the card from damage and more over, this electronic card lock system allow the card format, so data can be refreshed and for reuse. That is the good news to hotel management budget.

As we mentioned above this electronic card lock system has both Temic and Mifare version. Temic is suitable to some small to medium scale hotels because of its small storage space. Most of the big hotel will required one card pass solution, which means you can use one card to entry car parking, enter all public areas and their own rooms, and also customers may use card to consume in the hotel restaurant, health care center or business center. It means this electronic card lock system should use card that reserve enough space other functions. But dont worry , Mifare card has 16 sections to meet this requirement. And that is why more big scale chain hotel will choose this system.


IoT Card Lock

As technology grow, the market has higher requirement to the electronic card lock system. For example, Smart City is a trend of the world, not only because of the convenience but also about the security. For example, you can track which ID has unlocked the door via records no matter you have to download or check remotely. And hotel management companies have urgent demand of this function.

The recent popular transfer signal of IoT electronic card lock system for hotels is BLE or Lora. BLE system required more gateways then Lora and also Lora has lower power consumption rate. But BlE has advantage of appliance in many recent devices that Lora can not compare recently.

 Lora is more popular with the hotel management part because of its lower cost in devices allocation and low power consumption, which means management no need to change lock battery frequently. You can book room in APP of the hotel then pay to get your qualification to send request to the hotel cloud server. Hotel will have gateways to connect lock and send command. With RJ45, Wifi, 3G/4G signals, the gateway exchange information to the cloud then true the unlock function. But your phone need to connect to the internet whenever you would like to unlock outside the room. That is what you need to concern when you choose this solution.

BLE is also popular because it has two ways to true the online booking function, even it require more gateways and have higher power consumption.

The first way is similar to the Lora solution, which mean you need to connect to the internet to unlock in APP whenever you need. But If you dont want this solution, you can send request to the icloud server of the hotel, then hotel can send you the digital permit for your living period in that hotel, so in the rest time for your living, you just need to send permit to the lock via blue tooth signal to unlock is ok. And that required no internet signals.


HUNE has all the above solutions for you and please contact us for information if you are going to do your smart hotel.

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