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As one of the top 3 electronic door lock manufactures in China. HUNE has 26-years’ experience inmanufacturing.Our electronic door lock includes hotel electronic card lock, code door lock, fingerprint lock, cabinet lock, elevator control, keyless entry door lock, hotel safe and energy saver...

We have a strong technical team, mature production line and management system, to ensure the stability of the lock system. HUNE keyless entry door lock manufacturer adhere to independent innovation, the smart lock products have a variety of patents and industry awards, also through the ISO and FCC certification. The mortise HUNE use can meet various standard such as UL, BHMA, EN and CE. Our R&D department will launch and update smart lock products every year, constantly improve the product structure and meet market demand. Enjoy the intelligent life, start from the choice of HUNE smart lock.

Electronic Door Lock System

Hotel electronic card lock can be applied in different occasions, such asin hotels, residential projects, commercial and government projects. HUNE understand your will have customer have different requirements in price, design or material, so our electronic card lock have ID, Temic and Mifare system. Moreover, you can choose different material to meet the budget: alloy , stainless steel, titanium alloy and other high-quality materials you can find products from us. And you willdonot need to worry about the durabilitytoo much cause all of them are critically tested before launching.

HUNE electronic card lock series also have user friendly system, which is certificated as safe system by world famous PMS system such as OPERA and FIDELIO. These PMS are applied by many luxury chain hotels. These PMS systems will never take the risk of not safe integration. But HUNE hotel door lock system won their trust by our security and stability.

HUNE electronic card lock also have functions that release staff burden. Such as our NFC function can help staff get the entry information of each lock by authorized NFC phone, then they donot need to come up and down again and again just for communication. Lock setting is also easy to be operated via the NFC lock, so you donot need to issue clock card for each lock once you need to switch time. Bluetooth hotel door lock system is also available for hotels who want to increase service and build community. Guest can check in via hotel APP and pay to get permit for specific room in specific period. Promotion information can be sent once customers have another travel plan.

Code Door Lock

Code door lock is another popular keyless entry door lock system in the world. They are mostly used in residential and commercial projects.

HUNE have made lots of efforts for the development of this smart door lock system. We use scramble function to help you avoid password peeking.

You can use this function, then you just need to remember a 4 digits code for the code lock but you can press the other maximum 21 numbers randomly before or after these 4 digits to blur others eyes. Furthermore, some of HUNE code lock models also use IML touch pad, this material will not leave your fingerprint on it for tracking and that is the double security solution HUNE code lock offer for your home protection.

HUNE also apply bluetooth technology in the code door lock. You can use cell phone bluetooth to unlock when you are authorized. And offline passwords can be generated for different occasions. For example, you miss something at home and want someone to take it for you, you can issue a temporary password for their entry. If you have friends or relatives may live with you for some period but you donot want to release the permanent password, a period password can be issued to the. Want to set permit entry time for your office? We also have a mode to help you true this requirement. All entry data can also be collected via bluetooth and view immediately.

This offline function for code door lock can also be operated via PC version system and card issued function can also be added in upgraded system version.

Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint locks has become a trend in the world. As a up-rising star in smart door lock system, fingerprint door lock win its position by its convenience, just as how we describe in our slogan—A Slight Touch For A Smart Life.

HUNE fingerprint lock pay much attention to the material quality, because we know residential users will be more critical in quality. We use titanium in some of our high-end products.

But except for the convenience, end users will also care much about the reliability of the smart door lock system. To less the worry from end users, HUNE fingerprint door lock apply 3D semiconductor fingerprint readers to raise the security level. HUNE is making electronic door lock, but we never ignore the mechanical part, because it is part to raise the safety level. HUNE smart door lock have anti drilling structure and the C grade cylinder. Some of our models also have anti-theft handle design to avoid theft use tools to open your lock from the peek hole.

Program is also the core value of a smart door lock system. HUNE smart door lock can resist the attack from Tesla circle. And that is also our merit in program design.

Come to us to get more information if you are interested in our fingerprint smart door lock system.

Cabinet Lock

Cabinet lock is a kind of frequently use digital lock. It can be applied in locker for swimming pool, SPA, gym, school or self-service storage locker in commercial building.

Many electronic door lock manufactures will not consider this series cause its low value. But HUNE still apply our professional in smart door lock system in this lock in order to offer our customers a series of high-quality products. From the program to structure HUE always show our ingenuity in this series. We have many models for your designs and different material is available for your choice.

You may use the cabinet lock in different projects, so we have ID mode, hotel system mode and free key mode for you. Please contact us for more information if you need this product.


To run a hotel construction, more relative products will be required,such as keyless entry door lock , smart and digital door lock digital door lock. HUNE also have energy saving, safe and bathroom lock to complete your projects.

HUNE elevator controller also have Temic or Mifare system for you. Moreover, you can also choose cost effective solution for all floor entry or upgraded version of specific floor entry to raise your hotel security level.

Diversified in price and various in choice. Please come to HUNE lock to choose the best smart door lock system solutions for your projects.