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Product advantage

  • High performance motor

    We adopt the special coil spring to drive the lock pin,which increase the stability greatly comparing with the locksets from other factories. High- performance motor reduces the case as wood slice blocking the lock pin I thoroughly solves the unstable situation when the guest turn down the handle and touch card at the same time.

  • Antifriction latch move in track

    When close the door,the strike plate only contact with the ltte latch in middle, greatly reduced the force area, not only reduce the strength when close the door but also reduce the wear and tear on the surface of the latches.

  • HUNE ANSI Deadbolt L atch with strengthe ned structure,

    Effectively prevent the latch to be bent or cracked when close the door due to wind or manmade cause. We improve the latch by strengthening the structure, the majority of the force concentrate in the thickest position of the latch (12mm thickness ),and the distance of stress point is greatly shortened, so the force durable of the improved latch is 5 times upgrade .Other factories still use the old structure, the most force stress on the weakness position cf the latch (3mm thickness), this make the latch bend easy , and the latch can not completely retract back, that cause the door can not be unlocked of locked normally. HUNE improved mortise can be installed on a heavy door like solid wood door and steel door.

Utilize wearable PVD or chrome plating technology, to process the finish of lock cover, after many years use, the lock still looks like new one.Reinforced

Material thickness 2mm.
Plating: brass 10μm, Nickel1 5μm,
Chrome 0.20.25μm
Salt Spray Test 72hours

RF card locks adopt energy-saving technology, utilize micro-wave or infrared to detect the approaching card. And make sure can read the card correctly no matter in brightness or in darkness. Some other factories product either run out battery easy, or cannot make sure read card well.

HUNE main boards(PCB) with self check function, process information correctly and stablely. HUNE lock run Humidity-proof with super low consumption. Static consumption for IC card lock is 3μA, for RF card lock is 10μA, IC card lock is by 4AA/ AAA alkaline batteries, with a normal lifetime of 24 months. RF card is powered by 4AA/AAA alkaline batteries, with a normal lifetime of 18 months. HUNE main boards(PCB) are sealed with silica gel to make sure can work well Main board even in high humidity environment.