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Card Lock System

HUNE Software Details

Basic (necessary) components of lock system include:

Software : It is management system. Work on window XP, 7 and 8. Multi-language is possible.

Simple and intuitive. Compatible with most of the common property management systems(PMS) interface. Can manages the locking plan 64 ,000 doors.

Computer : It is used to install lock management software, prepared by hotel.

Card encoder : Device for reading and encoding(issue) the card. USB port.
Several encoders can work simultaneously in a network.

Cards : One Lock need at least one piece card, for open door.100,000 times durable.

Lock : Install onto the door. Independent, wireless, battery-operated. It stores latest 220 events.
Perfect reading. Advanced security performance.

Optical components of lock system include:

Data Register : It is used to collect the unlocking records from the locks, and read on the computer.

Energy- saving switch : Device Allow the Key Card to Turn on The Lighting Systemand Air Controller of the room.

Elevator/Access reader : Device for Controlling the Elevator or Public Access.

HUNE Software Advantage

  • Wireless system and stand-alone door lock:

    The locks are battery powered,require no wiring, adopt smart card to perform control function and unlocking function, are completely independent and standalone. All of these make installation and maintenance becomes simple and easy.

  • Key cards are limited by lock’s clock

    When the guest’s lodging is out of the deadline, the keycard will be invalid, so the guest has to take the card to renew. The guest booking room cannot unlock the lock before the check in time to make more security.

  • Restrict Guest room function

    For some need to restrict guest room (such as rent arrears),we can make Stop Card to stop the corresponding key card from unlocking the lock.

  • New Guest Card overrides any previous Guest Card

    A new Guest Card with terminate old card function can overrides any previous Guest Card, preventing re entry.

  • Mechanical key override function

    The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the unlocking by the mechanical key in emergency.

  • Event audit trail function

    The lock memorizes the latest more than 220 access records to be checked for case, guarantee the security management. The access records are collected by the data register.

  • Panic release function

    Deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by pressingthe inside handle for easy egress.

  • Anti-pick function:

    when close the door, the anti pick latch will prevent the lock to be picked.

  • Alarm for not closing well

    When the door is not closed well and the latch is pressed, the lock will give alarm (suitable for ANSI mortise) to remind the guest and the waiter to close the door well.

  • Card recycle use

    Card can be use recycle (one hundred thousand times), to save the environment and the cost. Card can be printed with AD design, such as hotel pattern, helps to promote the hotel.

  • Multi-purpose card can be developed from the keycard,

    to support lock system, power system, safe, lift, hotel consumption system, and so on. Allowed multi-application with third party systems using one card.

  • Key cards are grouped into several levels to make the access authority clear.

    There are Master Card, Building Card, Floor Card, Waiter Card, and Guest Card. Employees in different position will be assigned with different level key cards.
    Master Card: can unlock alI of the locks in the system without time’s limited, even the deadbolt locks. Normally this card is only for emergency use and kept by general manager.
    Building Card: Can unlock the locks belong to corresponding building. Normally this card is kept by general manager or minister.
    Floor Card: Can unlock the locks belong to corresponding floors. Normally this card is kept by waiter. (One card can open multi floors; the valid hour can be set flexibly). .
    Guest Card: For the guest to open the rooms he/she lodges in within the specifying period of time. (Can set one card open multi rooms, and can set how many times the card can open).

  • The guest can pass the public access door and elevator with his room card.

    For the hotel public access door or elevator, it can work with our access reader or elevator reader, it can be set to allow the related Guest Card to open it, in this way, improve the security much.

  • Energy-saving function

    Match with HUNE energy saving switch, when entering the room, the guest has to insert the Guest Card into the energy-saving switch to turn on the illumination (lighting)system. While leaving the room, the guest draws the room card, the illumination (lighting) system will be shut off automatically about 1 5 seconds later. It saves the energy and improves the safety effectively in this way.

  • Report the loss of key card

    When your key card is lost, you just keep quiet. The lost keycard will be invalidated by simple card operations on the lock.

HUNE Software Overview

HUNE Software Benefits

  • Powerful and practical function: The menu of lock software is made up of “User” , “Room” , “Lodge”, “ Issue key card”, “Issue maintenance card”, “ Report” , “System Management” and etc. Completely imitate the hospitality management, process room booking. check in, change room, check out and etc.

  • Complete information inquires function. Support inquiry of room information, log record, lodge information, card record; helps hotel manager to manage the hotel business easily.

  • Distinct management responsibility, more security: The hotel staffs have different authority to access the system based on responsibilities, match with the operating log ensure the security much.

  • User-friendly software, easy operation: window style, exquisite icon to show all the room state clearly (Empty room,booked room, lodging room, dirty room, maintenance room and so on). Practical shortcut button with the prompt of each operation, let all of our users (who only know how to use the mouse) can use every operation independently.

  • Support multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and other countries language are possible. Users can change the language as requirement. (Need client s cooperation to translate other countries language)

  • Adopt the Access desktop database, with special database protection function. No need special database server, no need professional computer administrator. It is easy for the hotel staff to install and use the software on a normal computer, reduce the hotel requirements and low the cost. With special database protection function, after copy the database to a new computer, the system will require registration from service provider. In this way, make sure the security of the database.

  • Support SQL database (client sever mode), multi computers to issue card at the same time: Base on the SQL Database server, more than one client computers can be linked together to issue card at the same time.

  • Stable Software system with database automatic backup function. Powerful error intercept function prevents the system crash by wrong operation. The database automatic backup function ensure system can be quickly restored to normal from accident, further improve the system safe.

  • Software system individualized parameter setting allows the hotel to adjust some of the parameters to achieve more friendly management.

  • Offers software interfaces (DLL) to make the lock management software can be connected to other hotel management system. We have successfully linked with many hotel management software, and gain the interface license of international micros Fidelio/Opera (certificate No.KYU-5003091).

Card Lock work without software

--Secure your home or small/medium office

  • ● No Need wiring

  • ● No Need software

  • ● No Need Encoder

  • ● No Need computer

Function card: 【Mother Card】 , 【Key Card】

● The Mother Card is used to create Key Card

● The Key Card is used to open the door

The same Card can be shared by all of the locks.

(lock just memory card ID).

Mode 1

■ Create Mother Card

Create Mother Card

■ Create Key Card

Touch Mother Card, then touch the card want to become Key Card.

■ Terminate all Key Cards

Touch the Mother Card 3 times successively.

Mode 2

■ Create Mother Card

Press 'Reset' button, touch the card want to become Mother Card.

■ Create Key Card + Clone Card

Touch Mother Card, then touch the card want to become Key Card, and then touch the card want to become Clone Card.

■ Terminate the lost Key Card

Touch the Mother card, then touch the Clone Card.

(Clone Card should be kept well at safe place)

■ Terminate all Key Cards

Touch the Mother Card 3 times successively.

... More mode is possible

- Open the door:

Touch the Key Card, turn the handle, then the door open, and after a while the lock locks automatically.

- Set Always-open state:

Touch the key card, and do not turn down the handle, touch the same key card again within 3 seconds.

- Mechanical key override:

Can use mechanical key to open for emergency. Key Card can be set to deadbolt override or not.

- Key Card can be set to deabolt override or not

- Access audit trail is possible.

More flexible function can be done for you. Please contact HUNE for more detail.